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Crazy Slots Success Stories

I can’t stop admiring the persistence of Jeanne J. (Crazy Slots regular player), who has been the top player of this online casino for many months. This January she (or he? but let’s say she) was eventually rewarded. She hit Grail Maiden Progressive Jackpot and won more than $250,000!!! Congrats!!! A brilliant story of real will and motivation! This is one of the biggest winnings at online casinos this year and it proves that you have to choose enarmade banditer if you want to play big.

online casino crazy slots

Among other top winners are Jeremy P and Joan H. who have been on the winners’ lists many times, and not only in this online casino. This time they were lucky in Cherry Blossoms and Triple Rainbow 7s respectively. These winnings took place in December, so Jeanne remains the undeniable leader of 2011.
Other nucleolus players of this online casino – Jeanne, Jessica, Debra and Deborah have steady and never-changing winnings of several thousands. Taking into account that the winnings are regular, I think, they are quite contented with their results, though the success of this January absolute winner can make them switch their attention to progressives.

Online Vegas Casino. Main Features

Online Vegas is the successor of the famous Vegas casinos and its owners try to adjust to the noble image, but, of course, online playing brings some peculiarities. So, in brief about Online Vegas. First of all, in spite of the fact that this is an online casino, it bears the name Vegas, so you’ll find here all the attributes of the most luxurious and wealthy casinos – a lot of light, high stakes and big bonuses. The lobby of this online casino is by far one of the most sparkling and shining with lights and elements of décor. All these pompous things are virtual, but combined with the background music, they create the effect of real presence.

Online Casino

As far as the standard features are concerned, they are the same as all the other Vegas technology online casinos possess. Online Vegas has both instant play and download versions and offers free casino games and previews. You have to download the software of the casino to have access to the complete set of games and other options. On a regular basis Vegas Casino hosts many series of online tournaments, with prize pools from $500 to $60,000. The entrance fees range from $0.99 to $10.
Not long ago the tournaments calendar feature was introduced. It’s great for absent-minded or busy players who don’t want to miss their tournament. On the day of the tournament you receive an e-mail with a reminder. One more interesting introduction (it concerns the site of the casino) is the list of the latest winners. It allows to trace the biggest winnings and even find lose slots or games which pay out regularly.

The deposit methods are rather standard and allow you to deposit in many ways, from Money Transfer to Visa Cards and NETELLER. The withdrawals take from 5 to 10 business days and allow retrieving from $50 to $8000 at a time. Before the casino sends you your money, they send you a letter on your e-mail. The most respectable Vegas technology online casinos have got a fait gaming certificate, which is given to most player-friendly casinos only. That’s it in two words. Visit Online Vegas casino on your own to learn more.

Online Casino Reviews. Source of Useful Info or ….?

Online casino reviews are one of the best sources of information on latest casino news, casino games and their rules. They give you unbiased overviews of all the latest trends in casino industry, carry best casino ratings and help to learn to play this or that game or make your playing strategy more effective. Most famous casino players have blogs of their own where they share their feelings and thoughts about casino tournaments they’ve participated in, highlight pluses and minuses of online casinos and casino corporations and announce the most important casino events. Due to all these things, I consider online casino reviews to be a must to read for anyone who plays online casinos on more or less regular basis.
But some people don’t share the same views and to be honest and unprejudiced I have to stress the most vivid cons of online casino reviews.
• Some of them are paid and are written to praise or blacken an online casino
• Occasionally casino review sites are started by amateurs and so the posts are not informative and can contain misleading information
• A casino review is a general overview of a casino and if you want to go into details and to “learn the color of the buttons on this or that slot machine”, you have to visit the casino on your own
• Some of the blogs and sites are not updated regularly and lack latest info.
So, online casino reviews, as everything in our world have both pluses and minuses, but it’s silly to deny that they can be a helping hand in online gambling.